Acrobats, Animals and Clowns…Summer Fun for You and Your Whole Family

Challenged to find something for the family to do that all ages enjoy?

Everyone loves the circus. Kids are fascinated by the acrobats, clowns and animal performers. Parents, you’ll be a kid again, seeing the wonder of the circus through your son’s or daughter’s eyes. Grandparents, you’ll be brought back to your first visit to the circus all those years ago and feel connected to your grandkids by an exciting life experience shared with them.

The Royal Canadian Circus is coming to town this summer. It’s been a family tradition for four generations of Canadians and it’s an experience your family shouldn’t miss. Get your Royal Canadian Circus tickets online at

It’s fun, affordable and animal-friendly. Our animal performers work in close partnership with their trainers, challenging one another to delight their audiences, showing how well people and animals can live and work together in harmony. This is an important lesson for all kids to learn through the circus experience.

Our circus works with researchers at zoos and universities to ensure the health, wellbeing and genetic diversity of exotic animal populations throughout North America. It also supports the work of animal sanctuaries in Asia so the cousins of these animal performers are protected in their natural habitat. Your family will really enjoy the circus knowing it contributes to animal welfare here at home and in Asia too.

Chances are your son or daughter is interested in sports, gymnastics and/or dance so our acrobats will be a real hit. Their years of training and artistry result in performances that engage your family on a whole new level. Wide-eyed wonder and fascination!

And the clowns! Each one spends years perfecting their clown character, make-up and costume for the sole purpose of entertaining you. They are magical.

So go online today to for your Royal Canadian Circus tickets. Come one, come all for summer family fun at the Royal Canadian Circus!

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